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Dear presenter and speaker in Goeggingen (Leinzell)!

songtitle list for download (39kB, update 2023 Jan. 01.)
tested presentation silde titles since 2008 Dec. 28.
Please ask music acompaniment if songbook available.

video projector with 1024x786 pixel resolution (format 4 to 3), VGA connector available.
MS-Powerpoint2007 without extra typeface pefer.
Other program using, sound and video, storgagecardreader on request prematurely.
If necessary bring a remote control

presenter plan (Goeggingen/Leinzell, 2023 Jan.-Feb.) for download (12kB)

Attention members and voluntary workers:

meeting (Eastern district) 2023 in April in Leinzell with Dr. G. Victoria - more information soon

Discrict schedule (Nov.'22-Feb.'23) for download (121kB - version November 17.)

Protocol meeting (Leinzell, 2022 Oct. 4.) download (82kB)

Protocol meeting Goeggingen 2022 Jul. 11. for download (468kB)

District Protocol meeting 2022 Mar. 26. download (153kB)

Protocol meeting Goeggingen 2022 Mar. 08. for download (206kB)

Protocol meeting Goeggingen 2021 Sep. 29. for download (221kB)
Protocol meeting Goeggingen 2021 Jun. 29.for download (206kB)
cleaning plan 2020 (Goeggingen) for download (30kB)

- All files are password protected -

Corona guidelines (version 2022 Mar. 30.) for download (289kB)

SV schedule 2022 (version 2022 Jul. 20) for download (127kB)

SV schedule 2023 (version 2022 Nov. 29) for download (114kB)

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